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Cultivating Peace & Connection in Cities

 City Calm’s mission is to cultivate peace & connection in cities across Europe & Beyond.
Our first project, Creative Mindfulness is about building a network of Mindfulness
Teachers With Flair across Europe to teach Creative Mindfulness
in inspiring pop up locations.

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“Great meetup, thank you guy for the presence and thank you, Cheryl, for organising! It was really charming!

Joao Miguel

Cheryl introduced me to guided meditation, and opened space for for sharing ideas and feelings on important topics, creating a clam, relaxed ambience and paired it with a fun and intelligent open discussion over a cup of tea over topics that really matter, for me it really had an immediate effects on my well being, it got me more grounded and able to deal with stress and even to find love, sounds silly but it's true, small steps are what is needed to climb higher.


Web Designer / Pexeto


Cultivate Peace & Connection

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